En avant toute(s)

An organisation for, by and about young people!

The starting point: When it was created, En avant toute(s) began by carrying out field work with organisation fighting against violence, in order to identify the gaps in the support of victims.

All the organisation we met made the following observation: young people do not, or rarely, turn to existing structures capable of helping them, even though they are over-represented among victims of violence.

On the other hand, young women readily confide on the Internet, where they are advised by peers, very often young people like them, who are not necessarily trained on domestic violence.

En avant toute (s) has therefore chosen to position itself in this space, adapting to the functioning and communication modes of young people.

So in 2016, we launched a digital awareness site and a new support service via online chat (anonymous, secure and free).

In addition, since it is more effective to prevent than cure, En avant toute (s) carries out numerous awareness-raising and prevention actions among young people. It also trains professionals working with young audiences.

While the issue of feminicides emerges more and more, the association is one of the few to work specifically with young audiences on the issue of violence within couples and families.

En avant toute(s) :

3 main activities:

-> the chat

-> the site: www.commentonsaime.fr

-> prevention in schools, with the general public and with professionals


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Against black eyes, bumps, bruises and tears of sadness. Supporting the “BEITY” association,
fighting domestic violence.