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BEITY is a Tunisian association fighting all forms of discrimination, gender-based violence and exclusion of which women are the victims.

BEITY integrates its action in an overall support approach of women victims of domestic violence by recognizing all singularities and by respecting all individualities.

The general objective of the BEITY association is twofold. On the one hand, it seeks the eradication of violence against women by changing the attitudes and legal texts through the development of awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns.

And on the other hand, it intends to provide multisectoral support through:

– A day-care center for receiving, guiding, advising, listening to and accompanying women medically, socially, juridically, judiciary and administratively.

– A shelter allowing a transition to reintegration.

– A vocational training facility allowing socioeconomic empowerment.


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Against black eyes, bumps, bruises and tears of sadness. Supporting the “BEITY” association,
fighting domestic violence.